About Me

I have had an interest in decent guitar music for as long as I can remember, and have really wanted to learn to play guitar.

Well up til now, it’s been a little bit fruitless.  I am easily frustrated when I can’t do it and quick to put it down and not pick it up again.  Probably like a lot of people.  About four years ago, I took lessons for a year and actually these worked very well, I picked up a lot of good information and practice and made some slow, but definite inroads into learning and a lot of that has stayed with me.  Unfortunately, my teacher had to give up and get a ‘proper job’ (his words) and with money being tight and all that, I finished my lessons.  Since then, I’ve really lacked the motivation to keep it up.

So when Rocksmith came around, I saw this as an ideal attempt to get back into it again with some kind of structure, but it’s taken until the new version for that to really happen and the 60 Day Challenge looks like a good path to take.  I’m determined though, if only to get friends to stop taking the mick out of me!  I also frequent the Rocksmith message boards on AVForums, where a group of like-minded people get together and lust over guitars.

I play on Xbox 360, where I generally play all my games nowadays. I’m not really prolific, but have really been a gamer most of my life. I just play at my speed.

I’m also a keen photographer – I have a blog here that shows some of that life.


Any comments? Join in here.

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